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Service clinic «NeuroVita»

Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center

Our Clinic is located in the facilities of Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center

NeuroVita Clinic was found in May 2002 as the first private hospital located in the facilities of FGBY Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center (RCRC) of the Ministry of Health of Russia. The RCRC was established by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated October 22, 1951 as the Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy of Cancer of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR. In 1952 the Institute was headed by Nikolay Nikolayevich Blokhin. He attracted the tops scientists and clinicians, the most brilliant physicians, surgeons, radiologists, healthcare specialists and created the leading scientific and research school in the country. Today the RCRC is honored with the name of its founder and first director.  From 2001 till now the RCRC is headed by member of the Academy of Sciences, Professor, and top oncologist of Russia Mikhail Ivanovich Davydov, who is an outstanding surgeon and continues the traditions of his predecessors. By now the center is the largest cancer hospital in Russia and Europe, and one of the largest in the world. The Center provides all types of medical assistance to cancer patients. The structure of the center involves five departments:  

  • Research Institute of Clinical Oncology for 850 beds (adults);
  • Research Institute of Children Oncology and Hematology for 150 beds;
  • Research Institute of Clinical and experimental Radiology for 50 beds;
  • Research Institute of Carcinogenesis, 16 laboratories;
  • Research Institute of Experimental Diagnostics and Tumor Therapy, 15 laboratories.

Blokhin RCRC has three branches: Altayski branch in Barnaul, Privolzhski branch in Tatarstan republic and Research and Production branch Naukoprofi in Moscow. The Center includes 8 chairs of medical academies and universities. To date over 3500 people work in the Center, including 6 members of the Academy of Science, 8 correspondent members, 89 professors and over 200 doctors of science.

The activities of the Center include:

  • Highly qualified medical assistance to the patients with malignancies and pre-cancer pathologies;
  • Research in the areas of the biology of tumor cells, carcinogenesis and tumor development including molecular, virologic, chemical, physical, genetic, cellular and immunological aspects;
  • Experimental and clinical development of new technologies in the area of surgical treatment of malignancies;
  • Development of new diagnostic methods, of pharmaceutical, radiological and combined therapy as well as active prevention of the tumors;
  • Research in the areas of diagnostics, therapy and prevention in children oncology;
  • Research of epidemiology of malignancies and statistical methods;
  • Introduction of new equipment and technologies into therapeutic and diagnostic process and preventive measures;
  • Preparation and advanced training of medical and academic specialists.

The specialists of the center perform important research. Introduction of new medical technologies allowed for expansion of the indications for surgical interventions in primary and metastatic tumors.


  • Thank you for visiting our webpage!
  • Thank you for visiting our webpage!

    Thank you for visiting our webpage!

    Today cancer cannot be cured completely, but it can be transferred into a chronic and non-lethal disease, the survival rates can be significantly increased and the life quality can be improved. Alternatively, we can help provide a dignified departure from life, free from pain and humiliation.

    Sincerely yours, Professor, PhD, MD
    Andrey S. Bryukhovetskiy