115478, Moscow, Kashirskoe highway 23

Service clinic «NeuroVita»


Our Clinic offers effective programs of medical assistance. Cooperation with the leading medical institutions of Russia guarantees top standards of therapy that involve the latest advances of the medicine.

In our hospital your health issues are treated with top ranked medical assistance, attentive and friendly attitude of the doctors and nurses. The comprehensively organized stay of our patients in the hospital will contribute to the benefits of the therapy and all our patients are provided with necessary medications and other healthcare products after the discharge. We have accumulated large experience of working with Russian and foreign patients, so:

  • We speak English
  • We can select the best clinic and the top experts for your tests, therapy and rehabilitation depending on the diagnosis and personal wish.
  • We communicate with other clinics and hospitals and help arrange the reservation for you.
  • We sign contracts with legal and physical bodies.
  • We provide visa support
  • We meet our patients in the airport and arrange the transport during all stay.
  • We translate the medical files from English into Russian.
  • We arrange the translation if necessary.
  • All medical, financial and private information is confidential.
  • Thank you for visiting our webpage!
  • Thank you for visiting our webpage!

    Thank you for visiting our webpage!

    Today cancer cannot be cured completely, but it can be transferred into a chronic and non-lethal disease, the survival rates can be significantly increased and the life quality can be improved. Alternatively, we can help provide a dignified departure from life, free from pain and humiliation.

    Sincerely yours, Professor, PhD, MD
    Andrey S. Bryukhovetskiy