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Department of Neurology «NeuroVita»

Diagnosing Neurological Disorders

Diagnosing Neurological Disorders

What are our advantages in the diagnostics and therapy of neurological diseases?

Every sensible patient and their relatives ask a reasonable question why we think we are better than other Moscow or foreign clinics. What is it so special and unique that we propose?

We are ready to give clear answers to these questions. 

  1. All our neurologists have excellent professional training and top qualification. The neurological department is headed by the professor in neurology; all specialists had their residency and post-graduate training in neurology and psychiatry and have 10 to 35 years clinical experience. In case we feel that we miss something, we honestly invite the top Moscow or foreign neurologists, specialists in neurological intensive care and neurosurgeons.
  2. We are the first to posit our standing point towards the issues of the theoretical neurology, worked out our own theory of the information-commutation organization of the brain and shown the basic principles of its functioning. Thus, we develop new strategies of the therapy of neurological disorders and novel technologies of diagnostics and therapy relying on these new methodological positions. Therefore, we patented new technology to treat neurooncological disorders and introduced it into the clinical practice. Quite recently, we proposed an absolutely new technology of radioneuroengineering for the therapy of the brain diseases and started the pre-clinical trials.
  3. We have our own equipment for the studies and diagnostics of the human brain and spinal cord. These include contemporary equipment for electroencephalography, EEG cerebral mapping, electroneuromyography that permits studies of motor and somatosensory evoked potentials, needle electroneuromyography, transcranial magnetostimulation, digital X-ray, duplex sonography for major and intracranial vessels, and, what is even more important we have top class experts who can work on this equipment and to interpret the received data correctly.
  4. For complex diagnostic algorithms we have the opportunity to perform complicated imaging research of the brain and spinal cord: 1/5 Tesla and 3 Tesla magnetic resonant imaging (MRI), MR-angiography, 64-slice spiral computed tomography, standard computed tomography (CT), CT myelography, cerebral and spinal angiography using up-to-date radiosurgical equipment, positron-emission tomography (PET) fused with spiral CT, MRI-tractography, diffuse-tensor mapping of the brain, radioisotope scanning of the brain etc.)
  5. We use unique multilevel computed fusion of the data of tomographic images from various equipment to develop a 3D model of a neurological disease. We fuse the data of CT with PET, MRI, magnetoencephalography and EEG cerebral mapping. The results are employed to develop the novel programs of radioneuroengineering and modeling of multilevel damages of the brain and spinal cord.
  6. We have the opportunity to perform the most contemporary immunohistochemical, immunological (cell and humoral immunities) amd immunohistochemical methods to test blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The results of the tests give us information of the degree of damage of the blood-brain barrier. The damage of the key elements of the tissue is evaluated in the immunohistochemical test of neurospecific proteins and antibodies to them. We collaborate with the best geneticists of Moscow to diagnose genetic defects in neurological disorders.
  7. We have the opportunities to map and profile blood and CSF of neurological patients suing the brand new equipment for proteomic analysis. We define the potential to give metastases on the basis of contemporary mapping and proteomic profiling of cancer stem cells from the tumor.
  8. We comply with the majority of the protocols of the biopsy of neural, vascular, muscular or connective tissue to verify pathomorphological, cytological and histological character of the pathological process in the brain, and have appropriate equipment open and stereotaxic biopsies, including our own equipment for brain stereotaxis, surgical microscope with computer record, neuroendoscopic equipment and other.
  9. About seventy professors of the leading medical institutions of Moscow are our regular consultants.
  10. We have license for highly technological neurology, highly technological neurosurgery and isolation of the hematopoietic stem cells of humans, hence, we perform the most complicated surgeries involving cell transplantation.
  11. We have accumulated large experience in the care of the most difficult contingent of neurological patients, experience in 24/7 intensive care of neurological patients and are always ready to admit the patient in any state to our neurological intensive care unit.
  12. We are the only hospital in the world who has the experience of over 50 successful microsurgical interventions in the tissue engineering of the spinal cord.
  13. We perform program regional perfusion of the damaged sites and vascular pools of the brain and use our own patented technology of remodeling of the brain vessels.
  14. We provide single rooms for the patients with the opportunities for a relative or a nurse to stay. We can provide specialized intensive care in the ward.
  15. We use the technology of bioenginerring of the brain and our experts took part in the therapy of combat injury of the brain and spinal cord.


  • Thank you for visiting our webpage!
  • Thank you for visiting our webpage!

    Thank you for visiting our webpage!

    Today cancer cannot be cured completely, but it can be transferred into a chronic and non-lethal disease, the survival rates can be significantly increased and the life quality can be improved. Alternatively, we can help provide a dignified departure from life, free from pain and humiliation.

    Sincerely yours, Professor, PhD, MD
    Andrey S. Bryukhovetskiy