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Our goal is to help you and people close to you to restore the lost health using all available opportunities and capacities of modern medicine and to provide real and positive result of the treatment. We do hope that the information that you find here will appear useful and interesting to you. Let the efforts of our doctors and the scientific achievements of the researchers help you to win your fight with the disease!
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Professor Andrey S. Bryukhovetskiy

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01.02.2014 .To the novel paradigm of proteome-based cell therapy of tumors through comparative proteome mapping of tumor stem cells and tissue-specific stem cells of humans.

02.04.2013 "REPORT 09 / 12 Mathematical modeling of perturbagens (chemical agents) action on neural progenitor stem cells (NSC) to remodel their proteomes in order to affect human stem cells of U87 gliobastoma line."

01.04.2013 "REPORT 05 / 12 Proteomic study of neural progenitor, mesenchymal stem and human U87 glioblastoma cancer stem cell lines"

10.12.2010December 5-8, 2010. Professor Andrey S. Bryukhovestkiy participated in the annual meeting of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society in North America TERMIS-NA, that took place in Orlando, Fl, USA.

25.05.2010"April 23-25, 2010 III international annual conference of International Association of Neurorestoratology (IANR) took place in Beijing, China."

27.12.2008"RT(russia today)"TECHNOLOGY UPDATE (the video).

27.10.2008"Journey to Walk Again".

27.10.2008"A local woman journeys to Russia for stem cell treatments".

07.04.2008"Experimental Russian stem cell treatments for spinal injury credited for woman's progress". The Grand Rapids Press . Monday April 07, 2008, 5:14 AM.

August 21, 2006 Joint research by V.P.Serbsky's State Research Centre of Social and Forensic Psychitary and Neurovita Clinic are completed. The report Creating of specific vehicle system, confirming the perspectives of liposomal antitumoral preparations with stem cells is approved.

July 14, 2006 Federal Service of Healthcare and Social Development Surveillance extended the official registration certificate that approves therapy of spinal cord and brain traumatic disease by autologous hematopoietic stem cells.

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The section presents official information of the public organs of the Russian Federation about the licenses of the Clinic to render medical services to in-patients and out-patients as well as registration certificates and approvals of the Federal Service of Healthcare and Social Development Surveillance to apply stem cell technologies. You can also find there officially approved reports to the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation and to Russian State Medical University about the results of research and limited clinical trials of new cell therapies.

Challenges of cell medicine
Here you can find the references to various articles, positive and negative opinions of the experts about the benefits and necessity to use stem cells in medicine.

About NeuroVita Clinic

The idea to set up a highly technological clinic for neurological and neurosurgical disorders on the basis of N.N. Blokhins Russian Cancer Research Centre (RCRC) of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) emerged in the nineties of the previous century due to considerable increase of brain and spinal cord tumors in Russian Federation and to the need of the population in neurooncological assistance. However the absence of necessary state funding in RCRC and Ministry of Health and Social development of Russian Federation forced to establish the clinic of interventional diagnostics and therapies of brain and spinal cord on the basis of self financing.

The NeuroVita Clinic of Restorative and Interventional Neurology and Therapy was established in May 2002 as private specialized neurological and neurosurgical hospital. The Clinic is headed by Professor Andrey S. Bryukhovetskiy. The Clinic is located on the territory of N.N. Blokhins Russian Cancer Research Centre (RCRC) of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) and is an independent legal body and has the license to render a great variety of medical services. The number of the license is 15128/6587 issued August 27, 2002 by Healthcare Committee of Moscow.

The first in-patients were admitted to the Clinic on September 2, 2002. In July the number of beds was increased from 12 to 35, the volume and type of medical services were expanded and consequently new departments of Neurosurgery, Neurorehabilitation, oncology as well as Anesthesiology and Resuscitation were opened. Since the Clinic is able to give broad range of up-to-date interventional therapies and became a leader among national specialized centers aimed at state-of-the-art medical services. February 2005, NeuroVita Clinic became the clinical basis of Russian State Medical University (RSMU) and in March 2006 a new Department of Cell Restorative Medicine of RSMU is located on the territory of Clinic.

Research activity is of crucial importance for the Clinic. The NeuroVita Clinic is an active participant of interinstitutional and international research programs to develop and implement state-of-the-art medical techniques of diagnostics and therapies of severe diseases and injuries of nervous system. The main interests of the Clinic belong to research of new cell medical biotechnologies for neurology, neurosurgery and neurooncology. The unique feature of the Clinic is that it does not use donor, fetal and/or embryonic cell material and transplants only autologous (patients own) cell material. Only transplantation of autologous stem cells permitted us to overcome the barriers of tissue compatibility, refuse from immunosuppressive therapy, to resolve ethical, legislative and religious issues that are linked with administrative limitations of clinical application of cell therapy and tissue engineering of brain and spinal cord.

From September 2002 to May 2005 the specialists of the Clinic together with the researchers of RSMU and RCRC performed a great scientific research to develop a new cell technology to treat traumatic disease of spinal cord and brain. The project was monitored by the Research Board and Ethic Committee of RSMU. The results of the research were multiply reported to the Russian Federation Experts Board of Ministry of Health to introduce and implement new cell technologies. (2003,2005, 2006) and was supported and approved by the leading experts of the country. July 1, 2005 the NeuroVita Clinic together with coauthors (RCRC of RAMS, RSMU) officially registered in the Registry of New Technologies of the Federal Service of Healthcare and Social Development Surveillance the first both in Russia and abroad cell therapy for spinal cord and brain injury. So the Clinic became the first in Russia and in the world Clinic that has official right to administer the stem cell therapy to neurological patients. Up to now there was only one indication to clinically administer human stem cell oncohematology. For the first time in the medical practice of the world our Clinic received national approval for clinical administration of stem cells in neurological patients but not for experimental works.

Neurovita Clinic has broad opportunities to diagnose nervous diseases and somatic pathologies. Combination of deep clinical approach and modern paraclinical examination with neuropsychological and experimental psychological testing permits our doctors to rapidly and with high probability diagnose practically any pathologies of central nervous system as well as peripheral and vegetative. The Clinic has the opportunity to perform Computer Tomography (CT), spiral CT, magneto-resonant imaging, cerebral and spinal angiography, computer myelography, electroneuropmyography with somatosensoric induced potentials, duplex scanning, ultrasound dopplerography of main head arteries, REG, EEG, cerebral EEG mapping, complex urodynamic testing. Our patients have all diagnostic and therapeutical potency of one of the best equipped medical centrtes of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences N.N. Blokhins Russian Cancer Research Centre.

Modern concept of active (interventional) strategy in diagnostics and treatment of severe disorders of nervous system is implemented in the Clinic and permits to quickly diagnose in major cases any pathologies of brain and spinal cord, to timely develop individual approach of treatment taking into account the degree and type of the damage and peculiarities of pathological process. Introduction of new interventional medical approaches opened broad variety of using low invasive (sparing) methods of X-ray endovascular surgery, neuroendovideosurgery, radiosurgery, functional neurosurgery and modern microneurosurgical technique.

Tissue engineering of brain and spinal cord belongs to one of the priorities of scientific research of NeuroVita Clinic. The method of tissue engineering is based on the opportunity to reconstruct considerable lesions of brain and spinal cord by biodegradable polymer matrixes and autologous stem cells. From February 2003, according to the research protocol of branch program of RAMS New cell technologies in medicine monitored by Research Board and Ethic Committee of RSMU 20 unique microsurgical operations of tissue engineering were performed for the patients with considerable injury of spinal cord. Two of which had complete anatomical cut of spinal. The surgeries were performed on a high technological level with the use of universal biodegradable polymer scaffold SpheroGel-E and cultured neuroglial cells of olfactory sheath of a nose of the patient. We continue active work in this very promising scientific field. The report about this work is presented to the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian federation and RSMU.

The main goal of the restorative therapy and rehabilitation treatment that are given in the Clinic is to activate and to trigger the damaged functions of injured nervous system and consequently to improve the quality of life of our patients. We developed and patented both in Russia and abroad specialised controlled neurophysiologically restorative method of activation of the lost functions and physiotherapeutical treatment of organic diseases and nervous system injuries before and after stem cell therapy. The method permits to create an additional functional resource of restoration of the damaged nervous tissue and to achieve partial or complete restoration of the lost functions through specialized complex of physical exercises. To date it is statistically significant that the combination of the methods of cell therapy and specialized rehabilitation program permits to restore the damaged functions in 61.1% of the patients with spinal cord injury with morphological degeneration (cysts, atrophy, cicatrices etc.) We proved that conservative therapy with administration of stem cells in case of minor morphological defects (less than 50% crosswise and not more than one segment longwise) permits to achieve considerable (to 70,4%) restoration of the damaged functions (motor, sensation, bladder and bowel) despite the years post injury and its ethiopathogenesis.

Our specialists have great experience in reconstructive neuroorthopedical surgeries on the spine, stereotaxixal methods and neuronavigation, implantation of neurostimulators, ventricular ports and reservoirs into brain. The Clinic cooperates with leading orthopaedists and manufacturers of neuroorthopedical production in Russia and Switzerland.

In the cases when we are unable to resolve complicated diagnostical and therapeutical problems we have an organized network of consultative assistance of foreign experts: neurologists, neurosurgeons and oncologists from Europe and the USA. The Clinic organizes invitation, visa support, and accommodation for the consultants. If necessary the foreign specialists perform surgical interventions in the Clinic. On the basis of X-ray surgical theaters of Russian Cancer Research Center and surgical theater of the Clinic endovascular X-ray-surgical interventions of stenting main head arteries are performed as well as reconstructive surgeries on blood vessels of head and neck, programmed regionar perfusion of pharmacological preparations into vascular pools of brain and spinal cord. The doctors of the Clinic widely use the methods of bone marrow transplantation and ensimotherapy for demyelinizing diseases of central nervous system, complexes of medical blockades, neuromonitoring and pharmacological correction of regionar vegetative ganglions, courses of radiotherapy enterosorbtion techniques (immunosorbtion, CSF-sorbtion, plasmapheresis).

Experienced and highly qualified doctors in the field of oncology, trained in Russia as well as abroad work in the Clinic. Leading experts of oncology give their consultations on the basis of the Clinic. The basic international protocols of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for oncological pathologies of any locations are applied under the supervision of the leading specialists of Blokhins RCRC. An experience oncologist-chemotherapist Alexander Grigoryevich Kirsanov, PhD, MD, works in the Clinic. Radiotherapy for cancer patients is performed under the supervision of the leading specialist of Russia professor Z. P. Mikhina.

Also the Clinic has unique opportunities of modern laboratory diagnostics, including DNA testing, virologic testing, genetic analysis and highly specialized immunological and immunochemical monitoring of neurospecific antigens and antibodies of blood and cerebrospinal fluid.

In our neuroresuscitation assistance working 24 hours a day one can see the most up-to-date equipment for artificial lung ventilation, monitoring of vital functions as well as for broad variety of anesthesiologic and resuscitation manipulation. Experienced neuroresuscitators and professional nurses-anesthesiologists work there. Neuroresuscitation assistance permits to admit patients in cases of emergency any time of the day and in any holidays.

The Clinic offers to the patients and their accompanying persons accommodation in comfortable single wards and in two-room Lux suites. All rooms have a TV set, separate bathrooms, air conditioner, refrigerator and special equipment for neurological patients. We are ready to offer the services to meet the needs of our patents. We spent much time and effort to train our personnel so that to organize medical service on the level of European standards and to work with VIP-patients as well as with the patients with different demands and of different confessions. .

The doctors of our Clinic are also ready for mobile consultative and surgical neurological and neurosurgical assistance on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region

All services, methods and approaches used in the Clinic are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, licensed and confirmed by 6 inventions patents of the Russian Federation and 3 applications for international patents.

Russia, Moscow, Kashirskoye avenue 23, building A Phone (499) 324-9339, 324-9389, fax: 324-9350 e-mail: License # -77-01-007170. Information presented on cite can not be used as medical consultation. All decisions referring treatment must be taken by you and Your doctor only.

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